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The Red Spot is a scary story about a girl that faces a living nightmare as the effects from a spider bite take a turn for the worse. The story appears in Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill your Bones.

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The Story

While Ruth slept, a spider crawled across her face. It stopped for several minutes on her left cheek, then went on its way. "What is this red spot on my cheek?" she asked her mother the next morning. "Looks like a spider bite." her mother said. "It'll go away, just don't scratch it." Soon the small red spot grew into a small red boil. "Look at it now," Ruth said, "It's getting bigger. It's sore." "That sometimes happens." her mother said. "It's coming to a head."

In a few days the boil was even larger. "Look at it now," Ruth said. "It hurts and it's ugly." "We'll have the doctor look at it," her mother said, "maybe it's infected." But the doctor couldn't see Ruth until the next day.

That night Ruth took a hot bath. As she soaked herself, the boil burst. Out poured a swarm of tiny spiders from the eggs their mother had laid in her cheek.