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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is the first book of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy by Alvin Schwartz. The illustrations were drawn by Stephen Gammell. It was published in October 14, 1981.

Stories included

There are 29 stories in total divided among 5 chapters. Strange And Scary Things precedes all these stories.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!": This chapter is filled with "jump stories" you can use to make your friends JUMP with fright.

The Big Toe

The Walk

What do you come for?

Me Tie Dough-ty Walker!

A Man Who Lived In Leeds

Old Woman All Skin and Bone

He Heard Footsteps Coming Up the Cellar Stairs...: There are ghosts in this chapter. One comes back as a real person. Another takes revenge on her murderer. And there are other stranger happenings

The Thing

Cold As Clay

The White Wolf

The Haunted House

The Guests

They Eat Your Eyes, They Eat Your Nose: There are scary stories about all kings of things. The ones told in here are about a grave, a witch, a man who liked to swim, a hunting trip, and a market basket. There also is one about worms eating a corpse - your corpse.

The Hearse Song

The Girl Who Stood on a Grave

A New Horse


Room for One More

The Wendigo

The Dead Man's Brains

May I Carry Your Basket?

Other Dangers: Most of the scary stories in this book have been passed down over the years. But the ones in this chapter have been told only in recent times. They are stories that young people often tell about dangers we face in our lives today.

The Hook

The White Gown

High Beams

The Babysitter

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!": This chapter has the same title as the first chapter. But the stories in the first chapter are meant to scare you. The ones in this chapter are meant to make you laugh.

The Viper

The Attic

The Slithery-Dee

Aaron Kelly's Bones

Wait Till Martin Comes

The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers


Illustrations not associated with any of the stories

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