Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones is the third and final book in Alvin Schwartz "Scary Stories to tell in the dark" series. The illustrations are done by Stephen Gammell. It was first published in 1991.



There are 25 short stories in all. The stories are broken down into six chapters. Boo Men precedes of all these stories.

When Death Arrives: When Death arrives, it usually is the end of the story. But in these stories it is only the beginning.

The Appointment

The Bus Stop

Faster And Faster

Just Delicious

Hello, Kate!

The Black Dog


Like Cats' Eyes

On The Edge: You will say that these stories could not happen. Yet some say they did happen...



The Dead Hand

Such Things Happen

Running Wild: A young child is stolen by wild animals. For some reason the animals raise the child instead of eating it. It learns to make the sounds they make. It learns to eat, run, and kill the way they do. After a while it only looks human.

The Wolf Girl

Five Nightmares: An artist painted some pictures. A boy got a new pet. A girl went on vacation. Everything was normal. Then nothing was.

The Dream

Sam's New Pet

Maybe You Will Remember

The Red Spot

No, Thanks

What is going on here?: When bottles began popping and furniture began flying all over the house, there were many explanations. But none of them were right. Then someone had a scary answer that could involve you.

The Trouble

Whoooooooo?: There are four ghosts, a ghostly monster, and a corpse in this chapter. But the stories about them are funny, not scary.


The Hog

Is Something Wrong?

It's Him!


You May Be The Next...


Illustrations not related to any of the stories.

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