More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is the second iteration in Alvin Schwartz "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" series. The illustrations were drawn by Stephen Gammell.


Stories included

There are 28 stories divided within four chapters. The title of each chapter is a quote taken from one of the stories within their chapters. Hoo-Ha's precedes all of these stories.

When she saw him, she screamed and ran: This chapter is filled with ghost stories. In one, a man has just become a ghost, but doesn't know it yet. In another, a pirate ship and crew return from a watery grave. And there are other frightful events.

Something Was Wrong

The Wreck

One Sunday Morning


A Weird Blue Light

Somebody Fell From Aloft

The Little Black Dog


She was spittin' and yowlin' just like a cat: The tales in this chapter are about an empty trunk, a neighbor who turns into a cat, a strange drum, very tasty sausage, and other scary things.

The Bride

Ring On Her Fingers

The Drum

The Window

Wonderful Sausage

The Cat's Paw

The Voice

When I wake up, everything will be alright: There are scary stories here about a subway car, a shopping mall, and other dangerous places.

"Oh, Susannah!"

The Man In The Middle

The Cat in a Shopping Bag

The Bed by the Window

The Dead Man's Hand

A Ghost In The Mirror

The Curse

The Last laugh: These stories are scary and funny.

The Church

The Bad News

Cemetery Soup

The Brown Suit




Illustrations not related to any of the stories

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